Our mission

Yellow Circle provides a free-to-use virtual information technology platform allowing students to learn about the unique capabilities of cloud computing and cloud infrastructure. We work directly with information technology educators, parents, & individuals, as early as middle school, to provide students and educators with an internet based learning platform where everyone from anywhere around the world can acquire relevant experience creating real world data centers to develop, acquire, and apply practical IT skills.

Yellow Circle’s ultimate mission is to provide a platform for building the foundation for our future IT workforce to produce sustainable, equitable IT solutions to a variety of global technology challenges.

A classroom without boundaries

Join the classroom of today, where there are no boundaries. There is no defined school, organization, or criteria to enroll. You just have to be ready to learn, build, deploy, and be innovative. Every student in Yellow Circle can learn at their own pace, every single day, or once a week, or once a month.

There are no deadlines, there is no homework due, there are no due dates. Join our growing community of learners…

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