Yellow Circle Inc. provides free services to anyone who is ready to learn from anywhere around the world. We are 100% funded by donations from corporations, foundations, and even individuals. And, just to make it clear, when we say FREE, we mean it. Our system does not sell any services, and for a fact our site does not accept any payments from its users, including students, teachers, or individuals. We solely rely on your contributions to make it happen.

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Platinum Supporters ($100,000+ contribution)

Google is helping Yellow Circle in many different ways including Google Apps for nonprofits, and Google Ad Grants. Thanks to support from Google Ad Grants, we are able to reach more students around the world. Google is providing Yellow Circle with up to $10,000 in Adwords every month.

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Gold Supporters ($10,000+ contribution)

Quest supports Yellow Circle by providing co-location space at one of Quest’s Tier III data centers which is part of a growing global network of Service Delivery Centers to allow students to freely develop innovative IT infrastructure solutions.

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City of Sacramento RAILS program has committed up to $1M in grants for local companies that drive acceleration, innovation & leadership for startups. Yellow Circle is one of the 15 companies selected for funding in 2016 cycle.

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Individual Supporters

Ajeet Grewal
Albert Cisneros
Alicia Johnson
Allen Lung
Alvaro Garcia Sanchez
Ambrose Agbeko
American Horizon
Amit Bondwal
Amy Jiang
Andrea Chu
Andrew Tsang
Andrés Ehecatl Salas Ortiz
Angela Easterday
Angelica Pineda
Angelina Cisneros
Anna Nguyen-Pham
Anusorn Chaikaew
Artem Khomishen
Bradley Giesbrecht
Brandon Schlinker
Brian Chojnacki
Brian Holbrook
Bridget Arena
Carmen Tham
Charles Christian Miers
Chris Kummer
Cynthia Edwards
Dac Nguyen
Danh Vong
Dat Tran
Debbie Walker
Diana Khomishen
Erin Bettis
Erwin Ramirez
Evelyn Van
Felicia Armelin
George Main
Gina Dayton
Gina Williams
Grace Tham
Greg McAteer
Greg Watanabe
Gurvinder Ghuman
Gustavo Gonzalez
Harpinder Rai

Herman Chao
Huong Duong
Jack VanSteyn
Janet Prewitt
Jason Dumars
Jason Ibrahim
Javier Martinez
Jeanette Thai
Jennifer Ngo
Jeremy Chau
Jessica Owens
Jim Cooley
JoAnna Castronovo
John Goette
Jonathan Rogers
Jose Hernandez
Joyce Conley
Julie Kissell
Julie Lovewell
Kendrick A Coleman
Kent Poots
Kevin Spease
Kimberley Lew
Kris Guzman
Kristin Rivers
Kuldip Dulay
Kulwinder Dualy
Laura Kinsey
Laurie Bowhay
Lila Guerrero
Luke Holbrook
Luong Phong
Lynn Cardoza
Manjit Brar
Marcus Mccarther
Mark Tyler
Martha Gonzalez
Michael Armelin
Mike Ziegler
Moc Van
Monica Sam
Myles Maskovich
Navjot Brar
Neil Hansen
Nick Beard

Nick Peterson
Noemi Lindert
Nuri Hasanov
Pablo Cardenas
Paramjit Grewal
Parminder Ghuman
Parth Patel
Pat Van
Puneh Moasser
Quig Li
Rachael Kummer
Rajasekhar Durvasula
Renee Holbrook
Richard Bietz
Rishi Kapoor
Robert Henriquez
Robert Meza
Ron Maskovich
Ryan Setiawan
Sam Berar,
Sam Chhlang
Scott Gordon
Scott Herrmann
Shandra Horvat
Shaun Keenan
Sherrie Vitt
Steve Barnett
Subhneet Grewal
TACCT Tax Help
Thomas Nguyen
Tiena Tran
Timothy Lee
Toni Maskovich
Tony Ghuman
Tran Hieu
Travais Sookoo
Van Dang
Vicky Long
Walt Scherer
Walter R Diggs
Yen Voong
Zachary Leandro