The Why behind Yellow Circle

Just when our founder, Navneet Grewal thought that he was done answering all the questions regarding “SQL Injection” to his 11 year old son, his son asks “So where can I test my SQL injection skills”. Yes, the answer to this question prompted Navneet to create a small instance of Openstack cloud environment in their garage with just a few images and flavors, but the word spread and some of his son’s friends wanted to be creative with their computer ideas but no place to play. 

A small information technology infrastructure sandbox in the garage for Navneet’s son and his friends to build on-demand virtual data centers with routers, networks, switches, load-balancers, firewalls, and virtual servers. Best of all, there is no one to tell them — “You are going to mess up the family computer”

Few months into this, demand outgrew the small setup in the garage, and Yellow Circle was started to make this learning experience open to everyone. Within two month of open beta-testing period, Yellow Circle had over 100 students from 40 different countries building virtual data-centers.

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