Volunteers / Interns at Yellow Circle

It takes a team to make a difference, and yes we rely on volunteers & interns to make it happen

Jake Nollsch

Jake is currently a student at Sacramento City College majoring in Computer Science. His educational objective is to learn more about computers so that he can pursue a career in the field of information technology. Jake would ultimately like to be a Web Developer.  Some of his hobbies include video games, stand-up comedy and playing with his dog ‘Loki‘.

Official Mascot

Max Grewal

Max has been the perfect mascot for Yellow Circle well before our launch. He has been listening in to all of our productive discussions, and soaking in all the knowledge he can. He has been a perfect foot-rest for those long coding sessions, and has helped us with clean-up after all the lunch / dinner working sessions.

We are still working on his compensation package, we hope our Board of Directors are generous to Max.

Tell us why you want to volunteer or intern at Yellow Circle

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