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Everyone is a student at Yellow Circle, and “yes” your teacher at school is also our student. Everyone who works or volunteers at Yellow Circle is a student too. Information Technology infrastructure is the foundation, the real physical & virtual components that make things of Internet happen. Without physical or virtual data center, today’s cloud would not have been possible. Now it is your turn to start building your own data-center in our virtual cloud.

We have answers to your questions, just ask. We even wrote up step by step instructions for your first Minecraft Server. Cloud is more than just a server, it is an infrastructure. Lets start building some…

      • Routers
      • Networks
      • Virtual machines
      • Virtual appliances
      • Firewalls
      • Server farms


We all know how important computers have become over the last 10 years. Younger & younger kids are starting to do creative things with their laptops, tablets & even smartphones. Yellow Circle is here to help teachers to keep their “Tech driven” students focused by offering them FREE platform to learn “Information Technology Infrastructure” in addition to core subjects.  Cloud computing is growing, and everything we are doing on Internet is somewhere in the cloud. Now is the time that our young students get their head around the cloud, and instead of being consumer of technology… They take the first step to become “Provider of Technology”.

Get your Computer Science kids signed up for a free account, and let me be creative. If you mention “Lets build a Minecraft Server“, they will be ready to go.

Yellow Circle staff is here to help teachers get started. Drop us a line, and we can get all of your bright minds building their own cloud.


Yellow Circle welcomes all parents to come join us too. Lets become students again, remember there are no due dates or deadlines or home-work at Yellow Circle. You can learn along with your children, and finally speak some of the same language.

If you don’t have the time, we understand. You can still help your child, or the school. Talk to teachers about Yellow Circle, and get them on-board so we can have everyone learning for free.

Sign up for your free account, and get to learning some cool stuff.