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  • How do I get an account?

    If you are 13 years of age or older, you just need to fill out our “Account Request” form, for some of our younger students, we will need your parent or legal guardian’s permission before your account is created. If you parent / legal guardian is present when the account is requested, they can sign-off online. Just in case that your parent or legal guardian is not available when you request your account, we are required to contact them before your account is approved.

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  • How long before my account is active?

    Account creation is now automated and you will recieve your account immediately. After you request your account, you will receive an activation link in your email. Follow the instructions closely to gain access to your new account.

  • What can I do in Yellow Circle?

    Yellow Circle is the place for all levels of Information Technology students to create enterprise grade solutions while learning. This free Cloud service provides students with virtual infrastructure to create routers, networks, servers, firewalls, & load-balancers. This environment is built for students to be innovative with their ideas and create enterprise grade information technology infrastructures all from within their web browser, without ever thinking about the cost of any of the items.

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  • Why are there limits on my cloud dashboard?

    In order to maximize the amount of students and teachers who can use our service, we must control the amount of resources each account is granted. If you require more resources than the free account grants, you may opt to subscribe to a subscription.

  • How can I volunteer or become a beta-tester?

    We rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers & beta testers. It takes a team to make a difference, and yes our volunteers are part of our team. To become a volunteer, you must submit a volunteer request form. Based on information you provided, we will match you up with the work that you can do for Yellow Circle.

     » Become a volunteer or beta-tester.

  • I have a free account and cannot access the internet from my instances. Why?

    As part of our strategy to conserve resources and provide increased security, Yellow Circle has opted to prevent internet access from student servers. In order to interact with your servers, you will need to launch a desktop instance such as Windows 10, or Ubuntu Desktop. You may gain internet access through a small annual donation of $10

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