Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have a free account and cannot access the internet from my instances. Why?

    As part of our strategy to conserve resources and provide increased security, Yellow Circle has opted to prevent internet access from student servers of free accounts.

    If you find you need access to the internet, you may sign up for a paid subscription account.

  • How do I get to my instances from my home computer?

    Yellow Circle offers a variety of ways to access your instance from anywhere in the world:

    1. Ability to access your website.
    2. SSH into your linux computer
    3. RDP into your desktop computer such as Windows or Linux.

    Head over to the Request Port Forward website to learn more.

  • My instances seem to be shutoff every week. What gives?

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. Yellow Circle is a learning platform, and not an environment for other purposes such as hosting a website. In order to prevent unauthorized use, we shut down all instances every week on Friday. Don’t worry, nothing is deleted. Just log on and start your instances back up and you’re back in business!
    2. Our resources are limited, so to ensure there is plenty to go around, shutting down instances weekly will keep inactive user’s instances powered off. This frees up resources for our active users, giving you a good experience with minimal lag.
  • I created a Web application instance (such as WordPress). How do I view it?

    You have to spin up a desktop instance and browse to your website from there. Follow this tutorial for more information.

  • What can I do in Yellow Circle?

    Yellow Circle is the place for all levels of Information Technology students to create enterprise grade solutions while learning. This free Cloud service provides students with virtual infrastructure to create routers, networks, servers, firewalls, & load-balancers. This environment is built for students to be innovative with their ideas and create enterprise grade information technology infrastructures all from within their web browser, without ever thinking about the cost of any of the items.

      » Detailed Tutorials

     » Getting Started

  • Can I use Yellow Circle for reasons other than learning or discovering technology?

    Yellow Circle’s services are strictly about learning, discovering, and a place for innovation. We perform routine audits to ensure users are not violating these terms of use. If it is determined a user is violating these terms, their account will be terminated without notice.

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