Floating IP addresses

Login to your cloud dashboard with userid / password provided in an email.

(IMPORTANT: Dashboard uses features from HTML5, please use browser that fully supports HTML5. Some examples are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera).

  1. In dashboard, expand “Compute” from left navigation menu, and go to “Access & Security” section.
  2. Go to “Floating IPs” tab and click on “Allocate IP To Project“.
    • Pool, select the “Cloud-Network-External” and click “Allocate IP“.
  3. You will see a public IP address (Currently a 172.16.xxx.xxx) allocated to your project. This IP address is not associated to any of your services or virtual machines yet.
  4. Click “Associate” under “Actions“.
    1. IP Address, is the public IP Address you just allocated.
    2. Port to be associated, is you virtual machine, or load-balancer vip.
  5. By default, there are default security rules that block all in-bound traffic to your machines within the cloud. To allow external access to your Floating IPs, see “How to create / manage Security Groups” tutorial. If you have “Firewall” created, you may have to update rules, see “How to create a Virtual Firewall” tutorial.
  6. IMPORTANT: Everything can be managed using the “Console” of your machine under “Instances”. Once you launch your instance and assign it a “Floating IP Address”. If you like to manager your virtual machine directly by SSH or RDP, request port-forwarding by using our online form located at here.
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully associated a “Public IP Address” to your existing virtual machine or load-balancer.