How to create / manage Security Groups

Login to your cloud dashboard with userid / password provided in an email.

(IMPORTANT: Dashboard uses features from HTML5, please use browser that fully supports HTML5. Some examples are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera). 

  1. In dashboard, expand “Compute” from left navigation menu, and go to “Access & Security” section.
  2. Go to “Security Groups” tab and click on “Manage Rules” under “Actions” for the rule that is applied to your virtual machines.
  3. You can remove rules by clicking on “Delete Rule“, or create a new one from “+ Add Rule
    • Rule, system provides a list of pre-defined rules, or you can select custom from this list.
    • Based on your selection, rest of the fields will change.
    • Direction, ingress or egress (in-bound or out-bound).
    • Open Port, is it a single port or port-range.
    • Port
    • Remote is the source, can be CIDR or a Security Group
    • Click “Add“.
  4. Security Group changes are applied instantly to your cloud environment.
  5. If you have “Firewall” created, you may have to update matching rules, see tutorial on “Firewalls” for details.