Creating a Virtual Router

IMPORTANT: Routers are only available for users who have already verified their account. If you still have not verified your account, see the “Welcome to Yellow Circle” email for instructions on verifying a account.

Login to your cloud dashboard with userid / password provided in an email.


  1. In dashboard, expand “Network” from left navigation menu.

  2. Select “Routers“.

  3. Click “+ Create Router
  4. Provide your router a Name (Recommended name is XX-Router-N where XX are tenant initials, and N is an integer).

  5. Click on “Set Gateway” to connect “XX-Router-N” to external network so that network traffic can reach servers outside you networks. You must “Set Gateway” if you want your virtual machines to be able to reach internet.


    • External Network – Select “Cloud External Network

    • Click “Set Gateway
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully created your first router in the cloud, and connected it to external network.
  • Ibrahim Jimoh


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  • Mak Ibrahim

    I am not able to create a router. Each time I got an error creating router and never managed to get that created

    • Routers are only available for users who have verified their accounts. You can go to to verify your account.

      • Kgotso Nhlapo

        Why do you say free account only to have me forced to pay… clickabit

      • jimbo

        what if we verified our account and still can’t create a router. My box is grayed out and say quota exceeded.

  • jimbo

    I have verified my account and i am still not able to create a router

  • andrie aryanto

    create router (Quota exceeded) why?

  • Routers are only available for students who have verified their account. Please check your Welcome to Yellow Circle email for instructions.

    • Mario Ceballos

      how can i get an access to my router. i tryed by ip but it does not work

  • Wait so if you don’t pay, creating instances is pointless because you can never access it. What’s the point of even having a free account?

  • Abhiraj Joseph

    I did verified my account but add router interface is still showing Quota Exceeded!!..