How to store files in “Cloud object storage”?

Login to your cloud dashboard with userid / password provided in an email.

(IMPORTANT: Dashboard uses features from HTML5, please use browser that fully supports HTML5. Some examples are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera). 

  1. In dashboard, expand “Object Store” from left navigation menu.
  2. Select “Containers“, and click “+ Create Container“.
    • Container Name: Provide a name for the files container.
    • Container Access: Select “Private” or “Public” based on your needs.
  3. Under “Containers” column, select the container you just created.
  4. On the right side, select “Upload Object” to start savings files to you cloud files storage.
    • Object Name: Give your file a name, preferably the same name as your file you will be uploading.
    • File: Click on “Choose File” then select the file to upload from your computer.
    • Click “Upload Object” to upload your file.
  5. You file has been uploaded to cloud object storage, and is now replicated onto three different servers in the cloud.
  6. If you selected “Public” in step 2, you can click on “Public” link next to the container to get the public URL for your container.
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  • Thomas

    Please what do I do whong? Error: Unable to create container. Thanx In advance.

    • kameshsatyavolu

      hi Thomas for me also same problem .plz suggest me hw to slove it