Tutorials & live sessions from Yellow Circle YouTube Channel

Video – How to request port-forwarding

Yellow Circle now offers direct access to your virtual machines. You can use your favorite tools like PUTTY or Remote Desktop to manage your instances. Additionally, you can request port-forwarding for your web-applications running on port 80, or get to your Minecraft Server from anywhere in the world. Port forwarding is now available for following services,

  • SSH
  • Remote Desktop
  • Minecraft Server
  • Web Server

Click here to request port-forwarding for your applications.

Video – Basic cloud components

This six minute video covers the basic components of a virtual data center. Video starts with a brand new account, and in six minutes there is a fully functioning virtual machine that is already connected to the Internet. Video covers the topics of…

  • Creating a router,
  • Connecting the router to external gateway,
  • Creating a private network,
  • Creating a subnet,
  • Setting up DHCP server,
  • Connecting private network to router,
  • Launching a virtual machine from existing template,
  • Testing Internet connectivity.